When is the Police Department "open for business"?
The department is staffed by officers and dispatchers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our main Police Department telephone number is 203-938-3400.

Who is it that answers emergency 911 calls?
An emergency communications dispatcher answers all calls that come into police headquarters (911 emergency and routine) 24 hours per day. Residents are reminded to use 911 for emergency purposes only.
Our dispatchers are responsible for dispatching all Redding Police and Redding, West Redding and Georgetown Fire, and EMS personnel.

I notice there is a stop sign missing from a busy intersection. Who do I notify?
For routine roadway issues such as minor potholes, aging signs or debris/brush management you should call the Redding Highway Department at 203-938-2801. All public safety concerns which require immediate attention should be reported to the on duty dispatcher at 203-938-3400.

If there is a vacancy for a police officer, what are the procedures for filling that vacancy?
If there is a vacancy, or anticipated vacancy, there will be a job posting on the Redding Police Department website. The testing process consists of a written exam, physical agility test, peer interview, polygraph examination, Board of Selectman interview, medical and psychological testing and a background investigation. Once hired, the new officer must complete 26 weeks at the police academy, a 10-weeks field training program back at the Department and a probationary period.

I frequently see a regular police officer directing traffic at a private construction site. Who pays the wages for this service?
The contractor is responsible for paying an hourly rate for the officer hired plus a small administrative fee to the Town of Redding.

What does the Town do with all the monies collected from the traffic citations the police issue?
All traffic fines, except for parking, are State set fines are prosecuted by the State and paid to the State. The Town and/or Police Department generally does not receive funds for tickets that are issued in Redding.

What is the situation with drugs in Redding?
Any type of drug available in any community is present in Redding with alcohol still being the most commonly abused substance.

I sometimes see a patrol car parked on the side of the road or in a parking lot. What is the Officer doing?
The officer may being any doing any number of things...A patrol car is a police officer's office! The officer may be working on a report, completing paperwork, conducting speed enforcement, being a visible presence in that area. We know that our presence changes people's behavior and sometimes that is just what we are doing.

When can I have my fingerprints taken?
The Redding Police Department will fingerprint any resident, Town of Redding or Board of Education Employee or prospective employee or any other person who is required to be fingerprinted for employment. Should any person need to be fingerprinted outside of these times, an appointment must be made. For fingerprints taken as part of the pistol permit application process - please make an appointment by calling Officer Alcott or Officer Livingston at (203-938-3400).
If there is an incident that necessitates an immediate police response, and no other officer is available for fingerprinting, the fingerprinting will have to be rescheduled.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
A Request for a Police Report form must be completed and submitted to the Records Department. There is a fee per report. The request forms may be found on the Redding Police website or in the lobby of the police department.

How do I make a complaint regarding speeding on a certain road?
A speeding complaint form must be completed and submitted to the department. This form will be forwarded to the patrol division for speeding enforcement to be conducted in the specified areas. The speeding complaint form may be found on the Redding Police website or in the lobby of the police department.

How does parking at the West Redding Train Station work?
The West Redding Railroad Station is owned by the State of Connecticut and is maintained by the Town of Redding through the collection of parking permits and daily parking fees. The station is open 24 hours a day and is well lit. The parking lot is patrolled by the Redding Police Department on a regular basis. Daily parking is ticketed at $5.00 per day. Annual Parking Permits (as available) are $250.00 per year and are valid from January 1st - December 31st. Renewal notices are sent out in November. Permits can be purchased at the Redding Police Department.

What is the most common complaint made to the Police Department?
Most of the normal complaints the Department receives have to do with speeding or traffic concerns in neighborhoods.